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Dr. Pat Dickinson honoured as the Canadian Association for Young Children’s 2019 FRIEND OF CHILDREN.

Read about her tribute here…


What is CAPE in 2018-2019?

For the past 31 years, CAPE has been provincially recognized as an organization that strongly advocates for the interests and learning needs of children from Kindergarten through Grade 3. With significant changes happening in primary education in Ontario, there is an even greater need for the voice of primary educators to be heard at the regional and provincial levels.

As a member of CAPE, you will be able to:

  • stay informed about current issues and initiatives in primary education through this blog
  • interact with colleagues from across the province through on-line chats, forums, and blogs
  • enhance your professional practice by participating in free-on-line webinars

Who can join CAPE?

If you are a Designated Early Childhood Educator (DECE), an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), an Administrator, Consultant or Coordinator, we invite you to become a member today of the newly formed Council of Associated Primary Educators.

Events for 2018-2019
CAPE is looking forward to facilitating another year of networking and co-
learning with you as one of our valued members.
This year will be another exciting one in Primary education. We look forward to curriculum “refreshes” and further developments in the areas of assessment and evaluation. We anticipate that we will need your feedback as changes are proposed by the Ministry as well as the Ontario College of Teachers.

In order to craft this year’s webinar series we need your input…

  • What are you noticing about the learning your students are doing that has you and your colleagues celebrating?
  • What are you noticing about the learning your students are doing that is keeping you up at night?
  • What are your current wonderings as a primary educator?

Let us know by replying here: Councilassociatedprimeducators@gmail.com

This year’s professional learning conversation is scheduled to start in January 2019.

Join us today  and bring your voice into the conversation.Membership Registration