Ann Pelo :: Paying Attention in the Outdoors

We are interested in where you find your natural self. Take a look at our Padlet, you may like to add your own image and thoughts:


Session 2 in this webinar series explores paying attention in the outdoors.

The presentation for this session can be downloaded from here: 2014 CAPE Webinar #2 Final

The videos for session 2 can be viewed here:

Clip 1 – As you watch consider how the disposition of “paying attention” might be supported in your daily practice in relation to nurturing an ecological identity in children.

Clip 2 – As you watch reflect on three actions of paying attention: 1. look closely and for log stretches of time, 2. look often enough to notice change and constancy & 3. Notice details, context, rhythm, texture and pattern. What is resonating with you in this clip?

Clip 3 – As you watch think about a time when you and your students were surprised… when you moved into a new way of seeing in a familiar place.

The resource, Into Nature , can be ordered from the Back to Nature Network here:


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