Frances Poleschuk Award

CAPE is pleased to announce that nominations for the annual Frances Poleschuk Award are now being accepted. This award recognizes educators or educator
teams in Ontario who have made an exemplary contribution to the education of young children.
In order to nominate someone, you need not be a member of CAPE. Similarly, nominees do not need to hold a membership in the organization.
All nominations must be received by Friday February 17, 2017.
Frances Poleschuk Award Winners 2015-2016
Vicki Martin and Sonia Biehn

Rosemary Tripodi and Domenic Vicedomini

 “It was a pleasure to have a number of excellent Frances Poleschuk nominations to assess this year.  They all reflected exemplary practice in primary and early primary education.  However, two of the nominations stood out as stellar examples of the type of leadership in early primary education that has been supported over the past few years by CAPE.   Ironically, the reason that these two FDEL teams were impossible to choose between is because they reflected excellent, but different, styles of leadership and approaches to early education in Ontario.  Rather than suggesting that either of these approaches is superior to the other, we decided that we must present the award to both teams to demonstrate that there is not just one pathway, nor one leadership style, that reflects exemplary practice in early primary education today.

While both teams were lauded for providing exemplary inquiry play based programs and for working together as outstanding examples of the synergistic teamwork that is possible in the FDEL model, one of these teams focused on encouraging children’s inquiry and exploration through their investigation of personal theories and interaction with each other.  They effectively implemented new technology into the FDEL program in a way that honoured the inquiry approach to learning. Further they recognized the importance of smoothing the transitions from early childhood settings into the school program, honouring the ecological model of children as part of a larger community.   Equally impressive, but different, the other team focused on the arts, particularly visual arts in which they see children’s representations as evidence of their capability and competence.   They used pedagogical documentation to both celebrate and further children’s learning, and as a springboard to further investigations.   When they share this documentation with colleagues at a neighbouring school and with parents in the community they, too, are recognizing that both educators and children are part of a dynamic whole whose boundaries go well beyond the walls of their classroom. 

These two teams also differ in their models of leadership.  One team has been recognized as exemplary at the school, system and provincial level and give willingly of their time and energy to share their approaches and learnings with colleagues through opening their classroom, and doing presentations at the system and provincial levels.  The other team is equally generous with their time in responding to the many requests to open their classroom and share their learnings with their colleagues at the school and system level, emphasizing that their leadership style is as co-learners,  both with the children and their colleagues. 

We are very happy that we don’t have to make an either/or choice between these two teams;  rather, we can say with confidence that the strengths and differences between them, reflect the richness and complexity of early primary education in Ontario today.”

The Frances Poleschuk Award Committee – April 2016 

Please visit the link below to view all our past Frances Poleschuk Award winners!


The Frances Poleschuk Award recognizes educators or educator teams in Ontario who have made an exemplary contribution to the education of young children.

We have many Primary (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3) educators who perform an outstanding service for the young children in this province. CAPE wishes to know about such people in your board or organization. Over the years successful candidates have come from a variety of boards of education across the province. Please note that on occasion, several awards have been presented in the same year to deserving candidates. The successful nominee(s) will receive the Award at CAPE’s Annual General Meeting in the spring.

In order to nominate someone, you need not be a member of CAPE. And, similarly, nominees do not need to hold a membership in the organization.

A letter that can be distributed calling for nominations can be found here: Frances Poleschuk Award Letter

Details about how to nominate someone, and the nomination form can be found here:

Frances Poleschuk Information

Poleschuk Application Form


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